Sanaya Irani #Ishq wala love #beautifulllll <3

Sanaya Irani - Welcome Mehmaan Nawaazi ki 


Is anyone else getting confused with the new tumblr layout? It’s kinda weird for my computer. Yuck. 

New Layout

Does anyone know after we uploaded our GIF’s how can we choose the layout how we wanted like the old one ?? This new Tumblr is pissing me off some one please bring the old one back !! 


the new layout is driving me crazy , when i’ve uploaded all my Gif’s the old one used to say choose layout with this one i dont know how to do that ?? so if some one could show me please.

kebangayehotummerekhuda asked: "Your blog and Sanaya are both perfection <3"

Thank u babes :)

Sanaya Irani #Conversation with Gul #Forum32 #she’s such a cute doll #Her smile just soooo cute .

Sanaya Edit #Her eyes are beautiful &lt;3 

Sanaya Edit #Her eyes are beautiful <3 

ilahimera asked: "do you mind if i use ur sanaya edit as my dp?"

Nope :) feel free to use babes x

Sanaya Irani #Edit #the green coffee cup is back :) #Awww she&#8217;s looks adorable &lt;£

Sanaya Irani #Edit #the green coffee cup is back :) #Awww she’s looks adorable <£